About Us

Blue Marble Smartware is dedicated to the purpose of improving the quality of life of millions of people through meaningful technology solutions. We are committed to this whole-heartedly and every thought and action of us is guided by this core purpose.

Our Mission

Improve quality of life through dedication and commitment to service excellence, customer delight and consistent value creation

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner to our customers delivering high quality and efficient business outcomes through smart and meaningful solutions

Our Values

  • Service Excellence
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous Innovation

What we do

  • Improve the quality of care to members/ care receivers through appropriate use of technology solutions, better process work flows and user-friendly access channels
  • Improve the quality of health systems by healing their pain-points through deployment of right Healthcare IT solutions providing end-end interoperability, efficient care management processes, absolute visibility and control over healthcare systems
  • Improve the quality of service to end-users through meaningful deployment of IT solutions providing enhanced productivity and performance
  • Improve the quality of IT systems through efficient services and innovative technology solutions that provides REAL (Reliability, Efficiency, Agility and Longevity) benefits to our customers
  • Improve “Quality of Life” to millions of people through our solution offerings ranging from Innovative Products, Technology Solutions and Managed Services